Beneath a dark cellar, where two young ponies, One was a sea foam green harp playing unicorn with ligt blue and white striped hair. Beside the frightened unicorn lay a crying grey cello playing earth pony with a darker grey mane. She wear a torn bow.

"Octavia? How did we get here? Who did this?" the first one said sniffling.

"I think we where drugged, Lyra... But by who? I don't have the answer," Octavia said, "But I don't think anypony would put us down here to share some saisparilla."

"Maybe if we play our instruments we'll be found," Lyra suggested pointing at their prized posetions.

"How did they get down here?' Asked the confused Octavia stepping up to her tall cello.

"I don't know.... let's just play." Lyra shruged summoning her harp with magic, running a whoof through the strings. It made a beautiful ringing sound.

Octavia grabbed her bow in her whoof, putting her other whoof on the top of the cello. She played with grace and beauty.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of whoof steps. Lyra and Octavia both looked over to see a white unicorn with purple and blue stripes in her main. Her glasses risen to show red eyes.

"Heh heh heh... looks like you're awake." The unicorn laughed with pleasure.

Lyra's eyes brightened "Oh, Vinyl Scratch! You're hear! Thank Celestia!"

"We where trapped, but now you're hear!"

"And so are you... I wouldn't want you to miss the suprize." The disk Jockey said slyly, "Berry punch, Bring the, 'suprize' for these two."