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Sunset Shimmer was walking around. Lyra Heartstrings was her best friend and she walked in. It scared her. Sunset Shimmer tied her up. She carried her to her basement."Now you will know what it feels like to be interrupted",Sunset Shimmer said."But,but"!,Lyra said. Just then Rarity walked in."Oh my stars!" Rarity said. Sunset Shimmer tied Rarity up."I will kill Lyra first,"Sunset Shimmer said.First Sunset Shimmer grabbed a knife."Sun-"was the thing Lyra said before she put a towel over her mouth and tied it. She started cutting her horn off. Lyra's horn fell off.Next she started for her stomach.Blood sprayed everywhere.Rarity puked from it.

                       Twilight Sparkle walked in and seen this. Sunset Shimmer charged at her."Stop this you bitch!" Sunset Shimmer tied her up."If you call me a bitch, you will die first!"She stabbed the knife into the heart."There.The bitch is now dead."Sunset Shimmer said .Rarity screamed at her."If you kill my friend,you are the bitch!"Sunset Shimmer killed Lyra."Now time for the potty-mouth."Sunset Shimmer said.She stabbed Rarity in the heart."Perfect.Peace is mine."Sunset Shimmer said.Rainbow Dash flew in.Sunset shimmer tied her up.Sunset Shimmer kissed her.She started cutting inside her.Spike walked in and seen blood everywhere.He threw up.Then he seen Rarity dead on the floor. Rainbow Dash was missing her wings.Spike charged at her with Lyra's bloody horn."Die bitch!"Sunset Shimmer charged at him. He started breathing fire.Sunset Shimmer cut him.He started bleeding.He grabbed her knife."Die!"Spike yelled. He stabbed her straight in the heart. Blood sprayed on him.He untied Rainbow Dash.She cleaned him up with a clean towel.

              They walked out."Thanks for saving me",Rainbow said."it was nothing",he said."It is everything to me",she said."I love you" they both said.Then they kissed.