Sailor Twilight Sparkle is a crossover between MLP FIM and the 90's anime Sailor Moon.Hope you enjoy!



Twilight Sparkle-Usagi Tsukino

Fluttershy-Ami Mizuno

Rarity-Rei Hino

Rainbow Dash-Makato Kino

Applejack-Sailor Venus

Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba-Flash Sentry


Former Senshi Lovers


Rainbow Blitz-Nephrite



Original Negaverse

Queen Beryl-Queen Chrysalis



Molly-Sunset Shimmer

Melvin-Dusk Shine

Miss Haurna aka Miss Hard-Cheerilee

Silver Crystal-Crystal Heart




Anything in italics is emphasized or thought.

Twilight:Ugh....(Looks at alarm)WHAT THE WHAT!

(Twilight runs downstairs)

Twilight:Mom,How can I be this late!

Velvet:You spent all night studying.

(Twilight takes backpack and leaves)

Twilight:I am TwilIght Sparkle,I'm 14,In Grade 7 and I'M LATE!!!!

Fillies:Let's take it to school,so it can do all our work!

Twilight:Hey,Leave that dragon alone!

(Fillies run off)

Twilight:(Sighs angrily)Ponies these days...Poor little creature.Lemme just take off-(Eyes widen)

(Returns to normal)

Twilight:Agh!I'm late!

In class...

(Twilight enters the door)

Cheerilee:Miss Twilight,I would like to have a word with you outside,please.

Outside the Classroom

Cheerilee:Your grades have been good...But not good enough!You keep getting Bs and Bs and Bs!

Twilight:Come on Miss Cheerilee,I study every single day!And I'm expected to get Bs?!!!!

At Recess

Twilight:I can't believe I got detention for a week.

Sunset:Don't worry Twilight,after the week's done,you''ll be out of detention.

Dusk:I got an A+ on my test!-(Gets hit by Sunset Shimmer)Ow,what?

Sunset:By the way,my mum's is running a new gem bargain!

Twilight:Ooh,Let's go.

Gem Bargain

(Crowd of ponies)

Sunset's Mum:Step right up!(Notices Sunset)Hello,darling.It looks like you've bought your friend.I''ll give her a 90% discount!

Twilight:(Gasps)Thank you!(Frowns)But my mum won't by it for me.(Leaves)

At Home

Velvet:B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go to your ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twilight:(Cries)I've never stooped so low!Why?WHY ME?!

Barbara:Hey don't cry.Let me see the books you've been studying.(Eyes widen)Twilight,your doing Grade 6 work!