Left to right: Jigglypenis, Berry Blood, and China Knife: The team 7 colts. (vector by LightningXDash02)

This article contains information that is not suitable for kids. If you have kids, keep them away.

One Big Bully or Bullies on the Loose! is a short featuring the three main characters: Jigglypenis, Berry Blood, and China Knife. It was released on December 31 2010.


Jigglypenis: Whatta you doin', just sittin' 'n standin' there, China Knife?

China Knife: Well, you see, Jigglypenis, I was sitting here until you came along.

Berry Blood: We were trying to come to see you.

China Knife: But I don't need you! SO GO AWAY!

Jigglypenis: That indeed wasn't very nice.

Unseen Announcer: Welcome! Welcome one and all!

China Knife: [gasp] I must go!

Berry Blood: Did you here that?

Jigglypenis: Yes, I did. Did you?

Berry Blood: Of course I did! I heard it first!

China Knife: [trips over a rock] [bleeds] Ow! Owowowowowowow!

Doctor: Jigglypenis, Berry Blood, I need you to put a bandage on China Knife's head. He's really bleeding!

Jigglypenis: Doctor, I dunno think this is gonna work...

Doctor: Nonsense! [fixes China Knife up]

China Knife: [Fainted] Oh, I need some rest...


Kat Mertins (Jigglypenis)

Archie Karklo (Berry Blood)

Jerry O. Onisha (China Knife, Doctor)

Mordok Mollo (Unseen Announcer)