Lightning Strikes is an episode of My Little Pony. It is the 14th episode of season 1.


A huge storm strikes in the crystal empire during A ceremony for Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. 


As the mane six Are excited to visit a ceremony for Princess Cadence as she announces that she is going to be having a foal. But as Rainbow Dash being a weather pony, she seemed to sense that there would be a storm coming towards the crystal empire. When the ceremony begins, a flash of lightning comes out of nowhere, Shining armor brings Princess Cadence inside to protect her and her unborn foal from the storm. A couple of crystal Weather ponies fly out and try to stop the storm. But It was too hard to controll. Out of nowhere, a crystal blue and black filly appears flapping her wings at the speed of light, carrying a crystal neon blue trail behind her. Rainbow Dash starred in shock.She noticed that the Lightning Pony was Lightning Dash! "My own sister?" She thought to herself."Now what in tarnation is Lightning Dash creating this horrible storm? Applejack asked. Twilight sparkle squinted careflully. "Girls, I don't think she is doing this on purpous! Turns out, Lightning Was calling for help. Rainbow Dash sped up the pace up into the air and grabbed Lightning Dash out of the storm. "Thank you rainbow dash!" Lightning said. The power of Twilight's magic stopped the storm, and almost everything was back to normal. Princess cadence and Shining armor came back out onto the balcony. Cadence gasped. "Lightning Dash? This was You who made this storm go all wild?" "Yes. It was me. And I'm very sorry. I'm especially sorry about the ceremony. To you and your foal as well. Also I couldn't control the storm! I tried, But anyways, thanks Rainbow Dash for saving me, and also, I'm sorry to you too. I'm sorry everypony! Can you all forgive me?" Scootaloo apologized. "Of course we do!" Princess Celestia came out. The ceremony started. There was cake, fun, and games. And Lightning Dash was happy that the storm was finally gone.  

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