Lightning Dash
Lightning Dash as a filly in 1988. "Yo like the barble? See what I can do!"







Eye color

Dark green (Lightning Strikes - present) Bright red (Elements of Harmony vs. Elements of Evil)


Light yellow


Rainbow Dash (Older sister)

Bow Hothoof (Father)

Windy Whistles (Mother)

Cutie mark
Lightning Dash's cutie mark. She got it in 1988.

Color #1

Gray cloud

Color #2

Yellow lightning bolt

Lightning Dash is the sister of Rainbow Dash, and first appeared in Double Dash!. She is voiced by Milly Shosh. Her voice is similar to Rainbow Dash, only a little lower pitched and faster voice.


She looks like Rainbow Dash, but the only difference is that her color mane is blue and black, and a light cerulean skin. She has very skilled flying abilities. She has tried to teach Scootaloo multiple times how to fly. As seen in "Pegasus or not?" She is very athletic and brave and is just like Rainbow Dash.

Cutie mark

Dash never talks about her cutie mark. Especially in front of Scootaloo. She earned her cutie mark by being as brave as she could in her summer flight camp. Everypony was jealous of her awesome flight skills in 1988. They teased Lightning Dash saying she belonged in a school for flight nerds. "There is no such thing as a (flight nerd). And I don't even have a cutie mark! So ha! I am not the nerdiest pegasus here!" Lightning Dash screamed. She decided to pretend she was bad at flying, but that just made everything worse. Everypony was calling her Lightning Crash. Then, she got so mad that she flew to the top of the world! She zoomed down as fast as she could! She went so fast that she created a large ENORMOUS explosion called a Sonic Rainboom! She had realized that her sister Rainbow Dash had done the same trick at the same age. Lightning Dash realized that her super special talent was flying!


Dash is awesome and would love to be the captain of the wonderbolts someday.

Dash is fearless and Her and Rainbow Dash sound alike.

She is the most popular in her flight school.

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