Mayor Mare called a meeting at Ponyville's center. Everypony gathered beneath the large building where the mayor stood. Comotion rose betwen all the ponies, "What's wrong?" the ponies whispered to eachother. Mayor Mare raised a whoof to quiet them, "Everypony, we're gathered here today to disscuss the disapearance of three ponies. Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Lyra."

Gaspes broke out between the citezens of Ponyville, when a voice rose higher than the others, "We'll find them!" It was Ditzy Doo, pulling her two friends Dr. Whooves and BonBon closer, her amber derp eyes slited. Mayor Mare sweated at the thought of Derpy Hooves going on a big journey, "Now, Ms Ditzy. Who's going to take care of your two fillies when your out?" she thought of this excuse quickly without any thought.

"Sparkler, you're in charge!" she happily chanted. Dinky pouted and gave a humph.

"Derpy! We never agreed to this." Bonbon complained.

"Yes, but the three are our friends." Docter Whooves shrugged.