These Observations will be used to help prove that Corey Archaic should stay permanently on Arkhay grounds-J. Youn

Cell Chamber CM: Day 1: Pinkamena and Apple Bloom in patient interviews while Corey returned from his own interview and began to speak about first day.

Corey: Oh, Hello Gummy. Didn't see you there.

Corey: How was my day? Pretty good, how about yours?

Corey: I knew you'd be happy to see Pinkie again.

Corey: What's that?

Corey: Oh, I'm sorry you didn't get to go out today. Tell you what, Tomorrow I'll take you for a walk before the party.

Corey: So, how happy was Pinkie Pie when she got to spend some time with you.

Corey: I knew she'd be happy.

Corey: What plan?

Corey: Shhh. Don't say that out loud, the camera might catch that.

Corey: That reminds me, here's a snack for you.

Corey: I got it from the cafeteria. They were serving fish

Corey: I think it's trout.

Corey: Cupcakes were there, they tasted goo-.

Corey: Well you we are going to have some at the party.

Corey: What can I say, I have a sweet tooth.

Corey: Calm down, calm down, just think we are having a tea party tonight. There might be some pastries.

After talk, subject began to read a book on pyschology from what appeared to be Sigmund Freud.


When eight other Pyschologists were to review this video, there were two seperate opinions. Three went with me on the fact that Archaic should stay here permanently. Sadly five pyschologists led by Penelope said because of his anxiety dissorder and having few friends that this should be expected.

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