Blizzard Ice
Blizzard Ice wearing glasses and a Big Ribbon. "My favourite glasses and my beautiful Ribbon!"







Eye color

Bright Blue


White with Bright Blue Hooves


Blossomforth (friend)

Blizzard Ice is an unicorn, who loves snow, and she first appeared in Twilight Princess as a Background Pony.

Her voice is similar to Blossomforth, but is only a little bit quiet.


She have blue mane and tail, ended with a bright blue colour. Her mane is white, with blue hooves. She always wear her Blue Glasses and Sea Green Ribbon. She is shy, and she likes snow. 

Cutie mark

Blizzard never want's to tell how she got her cutie mark. When she was a 10-years old filly, she was teased by other ponies in the class, beacuse she was bad in magic. In one day, when snow started to fall, she just was interesed. She went outside, and she catched one of snowflakes with magic. When she went to home, she started to creating snowflake. It took her 1 day to make it, beacuse it was complicated. She bringed the snowflake to teacher, when other ponies just laughed at her. Teacher looked carefully at snowflake, then she asked is this snowflake is maded by her. She shaked head meaning yes. The ponies stoped laugh, when they saw cutie mark on Blizzard Ice's flank. Then she knewed her destiny. It was...Making snow.

Unique Abilities

When Blizzard Ice rages, her mane and tail becames a flame in her colors. 


Raging Blizzard Ice.


Ice is a friendly pony, that uses magic only for picking items, and making Snowflakes.

She is friend of Blossomforth. She help Blossomforth with flying, even if she doesn't have wings.

Blizzard Ice as a filly.