Believe in Me is a song included in "Lost and Found". It is sung by Appletwirl.



 I was just a filly when I escaped the whole town

I'd be alright, even though I would frown

I could live on my own, even if I was small

Made a campfire and built my own place

Then lived in there for a lot of days

Wondering what it would be without me there

'Cause I'm the special type you wouldn't even know

I was just small and I still had a bow

Thinking about the day when I will go back 

What I'm looking for has been here the whole time

If you can see that I can make it on my own

Been here all along, so why can't you see

You should believe in me

Believe in me

You should believe in me

You should believe in me

Have you ever thought just maybe

You should believe in me 

Believe in me


  • This song is to the tune of You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift. 
  • Kat Mertins sung the last part.