Its strange how ponies need cutiemarks, i mean im a teen now and i dont have one! I was raised by wolves, and my insanity somehow gets the better of me... Nightly i hunt for ponies flesh, dayly playing minecraft hungergames. Yep, thats me. Arrow flow. Today i went to sugar cube corner, pinkie wanted to show me her collection... She locked me down stairs about to kill me, but before she could get near me i bit her neck, then i race of, i need to be more carfull! Today i get my cutiemark, its a a wooden sword and a bow and arrow, i am 3 i decide to visit my cousin rainbow dash, we were both abandoned. She is allways locked up in that cloud in the sky, wonder whats in their?Twilight wont stop making stuffed teddys that try to kill people, and apple jack is tieing people up and..... Um..... Well, theirs no more freindship. No more magic, but lots of blood. please celestia, save us. Day 4 celestia dies and luna is crazy, every second a pony is killed, i cant sleep. i know im insane to but i just wish it would stop! I grab a knife

and start to cut one of my wings off, i replace it with metal, and other scraps, i ply out all my teeth except from the front ones, i then sharpen them. Next day i knock on big raritys door i walk in and jump onto her and rip her into to peices, i then begin to feed on whats left of her body. I then leave and decide to visit dashie.