Pyschological Profile of Corey Archaic by Jefferey Youn

As with many of the inmates here, Archaic has an abnormally high IQ but this is tempered by his intense narccissism and his obsessive-compulsive need to devise and disseminate his (surprisingly ingenious) riddles and puzzles. If there was a way to break his historic behavior and it's underlying egomaniacal causes, he could be cured. It is a puzzle only I am truly able of solving.

Additional Notes

I cannot help but admire the complexity, and yet apparent simplicity, conumdrums and riddles Archaic regulary present me with in his treatment sessions. Often I find myself working through them in my (infrequent) free time.

His obsession with displaying his own intelligence is the central trigger of his many personality disorders .

Appears to be hiding odd looking canisters around the asylum and I am currently begining to fear what they are filled with.