Pyschological profile of Corey Archaic by Penelope Combs

Possibly one of my greatest successes here at the asylum. Has an odd tendency to having conversations to animals such as the gator he brought in and the birds and squirrels in the courtyard. Despite this, it is unclear to me why Dr. Archaic was ever considered insane. In our long discussions, I've been impressed with his genius in pschology and biochemistry, and I fully believe that if presented with a stock of his fear-inducing gas, he would feel no compolsion to use it. He seems to have entirely turned away from his former life in crime.

Additional Notes

He's valiantly battled a history of anxiety disorder, due to a difficult childhood and adulthood trauma, through an intense study of psychology and the causes of fear.

I've come to believe that the accusations that he experimented on human subjects are wildly exaggerated and so called traps nothing more than complicated challenges.