Archaic Lizard-Bird Caught Last Night: Participated in The Cupcake Murders and Good Friends With the Murderer herself - by Glitzy Paper

One month after the infamous Cupcake Murders a third killer has been found to be involved. During the murders famous murderer Pinkie-Pie have gave ponies to Corey Archaic to torture himself in two different ways. the first is he would place them in death traps, in which to escape the victim would have to answer near impossible riddles. The second version was injecting them with a sedative that would overwhelm the victim's senses with fear.

Archaeic in response to the press replied "The supposed traps were game that could be won through simple thought and the seditive was used for tests on the mind which would have been published to the scientific community.

More on this as the story unfolds as Archaic is put on trial.